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Three French Bullgod Puppies_edited_edit

We love dogs.  We love coffee.

Julian & Winnie adopted dogs from shelter & no-kill shelter since 2009.  Momo (the Rottie), Ginger (German Shepherd), Simba (Chow mix), Michiko (Rottie Mix), and now Boba (Heeler Mix).  It was sad to see Momo & Ginger went to Rainbow Bridge but it didn't stop them from adopting and gave stray dog a home.  They love to take the kiddos to dog park if weather is permitted.  They would love to start their coffee business that can contribute to the no-kill shelters and rescue organizations to benefit more stray dogs to find a forever home.  Thank you for a local coffee roaster to make their dream comes true.

Adopt.  Don't Shop.


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